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Glad your are here! – Below is why your are here

bulletpoint  100% web based, No internal servers, No SQL licences, No Hidden costs of operations

bulletpoint  No technical burden
bulletpoint  Multiple locations in your corporation – No problem
bulletpoint  Designed for use with Mitutoyo™ Multiplex system. One foot pedal for many gauges.
bulletpoint Gauge Management and Calibration
bulletpoint Pre Production –  Machine and Gauge check by machinist is best practice and start of audit trail
bulletpoint  Immediate out of tolerance or specification indication to machinist and seen on the Engineering dashboard
bulletpoint  Great second fiddle to any MRP system
bulletpoint  Using MES – Its NOT complete without SPC!
bulletpoint  Tool Management
bulletpoint  More than just Six Sigma SPC charts – Its audit savvy..
bulletpoint  Export data from Materials Issued, Gauges, Produced Quantity, and much More to Excel for the MRP or audits
bulletpoint  Prepares you for ISO and customer audits as a matter of course
bulletpoint  Optionally review activity from a central location. Work with remote facilities on ISO audit data


Paradigm Software Group – Est. 1992

Great second fiddle for ANY MRP..